IT’S CONFIRMED. Coldplay Will Be Playing In India And Global Citizen Says Tickets Are FREE!

Yesterday, OML chief Vijay Nair took to Twitter to debunk the rumours that Coldplay tickets are going to cost ₹ 25,000 and that Global Citizen has actually ensured a programme by which you can ‘earn’ those tickets for free.

And now, Global Citizen has confirmed that Coldplay will indeed be headlining the first ever Global Citizen Festival in India on the 19th of November, and yes, the tickets are going to be free!

“Just like our annual festival in Central Park, tickets to the Indian Festival will be FREE. Fans will earn them through taking actions in support of education, equality, and sanitation campaigns.”


The campaign starts on Monday, as notified by Global Citizen, and you can sign up and take part in it, to get a better chance to earn the tickets.

Check out their post here.

Now that the worry of burning a hole in my pocket is gone, I can still save one kidney after sacrificing one for the iPhone 7! 😛

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