Quiz: Call Yourself Masterchef? Then Identify These Desi Spices Found In Every Rasoi!


Indian food is ALWAYS bursting with flavors thanks to the variety of spices in desi dishes. Speaking of which, you probably have the iconic steel wala spice ka dabba at home. But can you name all these condiments correctly?

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If you’ve been frequenting the rasoi this lockdown and Instagramming dishes from your quarantine kitchen, let’s see if you can ace this quiz and make mom proud!

1. '_______ Rice', a popular item on hotel menus!

2. Asafoetida is this condiment’s fancy English name!

3. This is one of the key ingredients while cooking choley!

4. You can taste a hint of this in yummy samosas & parathas.

5. This exotic spice is used in desi desserts like barfi.

6. An essential spice while preparing biryani!

7. These can help lower your cholesterol!

8. Which spice is this? Hint – Rai

9. Moms always get this one for free along with other veggies.

10. Which condiment is this?

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