Company Looks For Candidate Coming From ‘Good Family’, Desis Ask ‘Looking For A Dulha?’

Looking through job opportunities online can be an exhausting task. Going through multiple job descriptions, mentally ticking off the required skill-sets, and sometimes coming across some bizarre requirements can be too much.

For example, a guy recently took to Reddit to share a job description posted by a company for a role related to research. One of the mentioned requirements is that the candidate has to come from a “good family”.

“You can have all the necessary skills but if your family is not ‘good’, you would not qualify,” the guy wrote.

Have a look at his post here:

Screenshot of an outrageous job description I found on LinkedIn. You can have all the necessary skills but if your family is not "good", you would not qualify. from india

Several people online were left confused. While some asked if the company was looking for a son-in-law, others joked about coming from dysfunctional families.

Representational Image

However, a few mentioned that inquiring about the family background was a common practice across companies.

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Some also suggested that the company might be looking for a candidate from a rich family.

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Do you think family backgrounds matter while choosing candidates? Tell us.

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