Desis Debate If Companies Should Ask For Salary Slips, Bank Statements Before Giving Job Offer

In most cases, when a company is looking to hire you, they would ask for all necessary documents – including your salary slips and bank statements to see how much was your package in your previous job. Now, while some might argue it is unnecessary, others might think otherwise.

And that is exactly what people online have been discussing lately. A woman named Shruti Chaturvedi took to Twitter to express how asking for salary slips before making a job offer is “outrageous” and questioned what role does the previous salary play.

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This started a debate. On one hand, several people argued that salary slips act as proof of your previous job, considering many people tend to lie on their resumes.

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On the other hand, there were also people who argued that it is indeed unnecessary. Some revealed that Human Resources already have a set salary scale for a particular job role.

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Do you think providing your salary slips to a prospective hirer? Tell us!

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