Guy Narrates His Experience Of Finding An Injured Body On Road & How Nobody Offered Help

Be it for the extreme rush or the reluctance to involve ourselves into complications, we tend to think a million times before offering help to someone on road. And it is because of this selfishness, that humanity is dying a slow death.

This brings us to the harrowing narration of a Reddit user, which perfectly describes the ‘bystander’ attitude we, Indians, have developed.

In his story, user @masterveerappan took us back to an incident when he came across an injured man lying on the middle of the road, while returning from the airport. According to the user, there were cars overtaking the hurt man but nobody bothered to stop.

“As described above. Last night on the way from the airport to my place, we saw a body lying in the middle of a three lane road with vehicles overtaking from the either side of him.”

However, the user stopped his car and called the ambulance immediately. He then notified the police about the incident and waited for them to arrive. While the ambulance took just 4 minutes to reach the spot, the police came about 20 minutes later.

“I then maneuvered my car to block the middle lane, by stopping the car on the lane, with indicators on.

The accident must have happened not more than 5 min before we reached that spot.

So I called the police. And an ambulance. I called the ambulance first, gave the operator a location, but he didn’t know where that was, so the operator asked if I will talk with the ambulance driver and I agreed. I then called police.

As titled, the ambulance was really fast, reached the accident location within 5 min. The police took much longer to show up at about twenty minutes. We spoke with the police for about 5 min and went on our way.”

He adds that he was surprised to see the lack of emotion in the people, who passed by without coming forward to help. He was also thankful to the police who did not suspect him as the perpetrator and the ambulance, which arrived lightning fast.

Here is his entire post:

[NP] I called the police and ambulance on a road accident victim. Ambulance shows up in 4 min, police show up in 20. from india

In a comment of his, he mentioned the fact that the man could not be saved. He went on to reveal that the accident took place because the person had his earphones plugged in.

People came together to heap praise on the man who had a heart of gold.

While we salute @masterveerappan for restoring our faith in humanity, we are appalled on seeing the cold hearts of the rest of the onlookers. Shameful and shocking.