15 Things People Who Love To Read Comics Will Relate To


There are two kinds of people on this planet: One who read novels and the other who read comics. Comics are their life and they usually get bored of reading novels, because of textual heavy content. They always seek for fun elements, characters and their sketches in a story. So, if you’re one of the latter, then you will definitely relate to the following points.

1. You love all kinds of comics, but you have that one particular favorite

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You can read that again and again, and generally are apprehensive before lending it to your friend.


2. Comics are conversation starters

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You can easily break the silence by going on and on about comics.


3. Attending comic con is one of your favorite times of the year

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You go to different cities just to attend comic con.


4. Collecting merchandize inspired by comics is your favorite hobby

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T-shirts, key chains, badges, backpacks etc..


5. Use famous dialogues from comics

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It can confuse people who are not into comics, but you go about it anyway.


6. You have a vast knowledge about comics

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Comics from everywhere, but different writers and illustrators.


7. Favorite time pass is to compare people with comic book characters

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Sometimes you see a person and go like, ‘I have seen this person in some comic!’.


8. Drawing skills improved because of comics

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You loved sketching your favorite comic character in all the possible books.


9. Regular novels are super boring, because there are no illustrations

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You wonder how people can read a book without any pictures, drawn characters.


10. Spending a bomb on comics is totally worth it

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You will think twice before buying a textbook, but comics? It is an instant reflex.


11. Your parents were always annoyed with the fact that you never studied but always read comics

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‘Are you gonna write your answers from comic books?’, was their standard question before exams.


12. A comic lover instantly becomes your best friend

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You guys can talk about comics for hours and never get bored.


13. The influence of comic is so much that you yourself would love to write and illustrate a comic someday

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You feel great about the idea and really want to work on it some day.


14. Age is just gonna be a number when it comes to reading comics

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You swear to read comics all your life.


15. One of the best things that happened to this world is Comics

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That’s your ultimate take on comics.

You definitely can’t imagine how the world would be like, if there were no comics. Your massive collection of comics is your prized possession, and you will never ever lose that. Your parents and friends find no difficulty in finding you a right gift, because comics make you happy. Keep that bug alive and enjoy reading! 🙂

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