Comic Illustrates His Magical Blind Date From The First Kiss To Tickle Wars!

“It’s love. Yes, all we’re looking for is love from someone else.” croons Ryan Gosling in La La Land and we felt a rush that we didn’t know of and related to him more than ever.

While things worked out differently for Sebastian and Mia, there’s a love story that’s warmed up our hearts. Italian comic artist Simone Ferriero, depicted how he met his long distance girlfriend, Krisi after travelling all the way to Toronto, Canada. They met online and hit it off, immediately. So a blind date became a relationship in no time. #Aww

And, the comic-diary is making our hearts really warm and fuzzy. 

1. Taking off from Italy.

2. The jitters pre-meet!

3. The first meeting. <3

4. That first kiss :*

5. The airport diaries.

6. The arrival.

7. Their first night together.

8. Visiting the Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada

9. Their coffee shenanigans.

10. Perfect cup of coffee with bae = perfect date!

11. Canadian winds can be harsh.

12. The way they deal with insomnia.

13. ‘Let’s hit the mall today’.

14. Perfect silences and comfort.

15. Lazy boysRoyal Ontario Museum.

16. At the Art Gallery of Ontario.

16. Being sick for the first time.

17. Their Christmas vacay to Oshwa.

18. And, their fun times together.

19. Tickle war are the best!

20. In sickness and health.

21. Bond of togetherness.

22. That huge CN Tower.

23. In that elevator, ear =popped!

24. Price-less reactions.

25. Love for squishy, soft toys. And, love for 420!

26. Of course, love for food.

Simone tells Express Online how his girlfriend likes their relationship depicted in comics.

“My girlfriend likes to see our relationship depicted in pictures or comic art, so quite often, I do make these kinds of portraits.”

Oh, in case you’re wondering about the height difference, then Simone admits he’s 5’6″ and she’s 5’9″. <3

These two are so cute together. They cast a love spell on us. ?