‘Comedy Wildlife Photography 2020′ Entries Capture Animals At Their Funniest, See Pics

Between the coronavirus pandemic and Cyclone Amphan, our only solace these days is animals – the ones in the wild as well as pets. We’ve seen cats playing fetch, monkeys just monkeying around in the pool and now photos of animals captured at their funniest best are going viral.

According to CNN, photography enthusiasts from around the world are sending in their entries for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards 2020. From a confused seal to an egret shaking off the water from its locks, the pictures serve up light-hearted moments sure to put a smile on our faces.

Check out 10 other hilarious entries including a laughing sea otter, wrestling lion cubs, and a shy bird. Aren’t their expressions super cute?

For the uninitiated, apart from awarding the best entry and giving out prizes, the competition aims at spreading awareness on natural habitats and promoting wildlife conservation. The last date to submit pictures this year is June 30. Which one of these do you think is the funniest?

Cover Image Source – left, right

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