2020’s ‘Comedy Wildlife Photography’ Finalists Capture Animals & Their Goofiest Moments!


All you people living with pets give me a virtual high-five if the photo gallery on your phone is also full of weird, funny and cute pictures of your furry mate. Well, these little weirdos are always up to something and if you keep the camera focusing on them, you are sure to have enough funny content that will make you a social media star in just a jiffy.

Hence, to felicitate photographers for capturing animals in their funny best, the Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards  are held every year. And like last year, thousands of people submitted their entries to win this unique accolade.

Even though the winners of this year’s competition are yet to be announced, here are some of the wittiest, funniest and never-seen-before pictures of animals that are sure to crack you up.

Take a look at some of the finalists:

1. You don’t want to mess with this underwater baddie!

2. That smile.

3. Confused much!

4. Did someone say, FOOD?

5. What a catch!

6. Bhaiya ji, ESMILEEE…

7. That feeling when you finally find the vaccine for coronavirus.

8. ‘Stop focussing on my double chin!’

9. Badly failed at playing ‘Hide & Seek’.

10. When someone says, ‘Schools are reopening.’

11. Keh diya, toh keh diya! 

12. Peek-a-boo.

13. Hi there.

14. GOALS!

15. Such a cute photobomber.

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Clearly, the competition is steep. Which one among these was able to tickle your funny bones? Tell us.

PS: You can check out the rest of the finalists here.

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