Someone Told These Top Comedians To ‘Stop Joking’ And Twitter’s Now A Warzone Of Epic Burns!

A very wise man once said, “Thappad se darr nahi lagta sahab, trolls se lagta hai.

Doing comedy is no joke, which makes the current crop of comedians we have extremely brave. Because keeping your loyal audience entertained with ‘savage’ jokes and dealing with trolls who give them ‘shit’ for those same jokes is an endless battle. Call it Comedians: Infinity War, if you will!

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And what do you know, this war has taken quite the interesting turn!

It was a fine Monday morning, and Amazon Prime Video’s official Twitter handle served a fresh new tweet for breakfast!

Well, since it’s all about keepin’ it real, you’d wonder why Amazon Prime Video is suddenly promoting old content!

As expected, this lured in some of our favourite comedians, who began doing what they do best. And pretty soon, a fine smell of comedians roasting each other, and Amazon Prime Video too, filled the air!

The mast aadmi that we know Biswa is, he just had to go ahead and do this!

Even Kanan Gill himself couldn’t help but wonder, what was going on!

And guess what? He wasn’t alone! A few more comedians’ feathers were ruffled by this!

This is what we live for, right?

Now here’s where shit suddenly hit the roof. Amazon Prime Video’s Twitter handle went full-blown troll-mode and tried to beat the comedians at their own game!

And the posters just hit right where it hurt!

Okay first of all, OUCH! And second, did Amazon Prime Video’s official handle just tell the country’s top comedians to “Stop Joking”?

Wow, this was going to be good.

And fellas, it was. Did you ever think these guys would go down without a fight? Hell naah! Consider the battle cry sounded, because it was ON!

Damn right, Naveen! Can you imagine what would happen if these comedians actually stopped joking? Kaafi dystopia, bro!

Okay, okay, I know I built it up for ya! Clearly, Amazon Prime Video and these comedians are in cahoots and planning something HUGE here. We’ll just have to wait and watch. And considering what we’ve already seen so far with the tweets, my money’s on it being super awesome!

Because these comedians may not have been able to protect their comedy from trolls, but they’ll sure as hell avenge it!