These Comedians Are Trying To Create A #LambaHaathiCheetiJoke And The Result’s A Laugh Riot!

As cliché as the phrase ‘Old is gold’ is, haathi-cheeti jokes are a million times more. Think back to the time when your favourite drink was milk and your #OOTD was your school uniform. When if someone made the colossal mistake of saying “Accha”, you wouldn’t hesitate even for a nanosecond to ‘burn’ them by saying “Tere pet mein baccha!” Cringe-worthy but so, so satisfying!

And amidst all those joke formats were the Haathi-Cheeti jokes! When it came to bad jokes, it was as HUGE a deal as an elephant. Because when you cracked it, your cool rep dropped down to the level of an ant!

And yet, it was so much fun!

Hahahahahaha ha ha! #SorryNotSorry

Guess what? On Sunday, International Joke Day, a bunch of stand-up comedians decided to revive the evergreen haathi-cheeti jokes!

Kenny Sebastian was our torch bearer!

Well, you know what they say? It only takes a cheeti-sized spark to ignite the fire! And it was full ablaze!

First up, taking on this elephantine challenge was Sumukhi Suresh! And her joke hit the right note!

I’d like to see someone top THAT one! But hey, if anyone can do it, it’s mast aadmi Biswa!

I know, I know, you want to say “Aye tatti, tera joke kya hai!” right now! But hold that thought, because it gets better worse!

Kaneez’s joke is fore sure going to make you cringe and say “Chheeee”!

Can anyone solve the mystery of why these bad jokes are making me laugh so hard? I guess not! But here’s Sapan Verma with a haathi-cheeti murder mystery!

And just when you thought it couldn’t get worse, Tanmay Bhat decided to prove you wrong!

No Tanmay, you’re not crying! We’re crying! Because this joke is so bad that it’s awesome!

I know you feel like running away right now, but it’s not over! Tanmay went ahead and asked people to come up with their own version of these jokes, adding to the #LambaHaathiCheetiJoke chain!

People could send in their entries on Twitter, or via their Instagram stories, and even through

And boy, you’d be surprised at how much everyone missed cracking haathi-cheeti jokes because they were totally all over this!

Kaafi talent!

Some of the contestants of Comicstaan, Amazon Prime Video’s newest stand up comedy reality show, also posted their own haathi-cheeti jokes!

#LambaHaathiCheetiJoke was all the rage on Twitter too!

We all know the legendary sense of humour of the Tweeple! ‘Witty’ is their middle name!

Loved the way Comicstaan’s Twitter handle would respond to the entries with these hilarious GIFs of the comedians!

Pretty cool!

Haathi-cheeti’s popularity on Instagram was HUGE! speaking, these jokes are hilarious AF! So much nostalgia, bro!

I’m dying!!!!

#lambahaathicheetijoke @comicstaan @musical.lyindiaofficial

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Look, I know you’re cringing at all those bad jokes but secretly trying to make one of your own in your head! But way keep it to yourself? Just jump on the #LambaHaathiCheeti bandwagon already!

Cracking bad jokes is a talent, and if you’re good at it, flaunt it! Who knows, you might just be too good!

This was fun, wasn’t it? Can’t wait to see what these comedians, who’ve now turned mentors to budding comedians for Comicstaan are going to do next! One thing’s for sure, the future seems HILARIOUS!