Comedian Has Hilarious Tips For Politicians Who Love Renaming Cities, Video Goes Viral!

Unless you’ve cut off all access to daily news, you’ll know that India has picked up a new trend where politicians are changing renaming the names of cities. UP CM Yogi Adityanath has already transformed Allahabad into Prayagraj, Mughalsarai Station into Pt. Deen Dayal Upadhyay Station and Faizabad to Ayodhya. In addition to that, proposals have been made to turn Taj Mahal into Ram Mahal, Pune to Jijapur and Agra to Agarwal or Agravan.

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So, why are the politicians interested in renaming cities rather than abolishing the problems in their respective states, districts and cities, you ask? Well, for now, let’s go with the official explanation that it’s being done to get rid of the history of India’s oppressors.

As our esteemed politicians are in no mood to stop at Ayodhya (previously Faizabad), comedian Vasu Primlani has some more suggestions for them. And all of them are to preserve the culture of our great nation.

Vasu Primlani takes note of everything from India’s use of airplanes to playing cricket and even the use of petrol, to point out that none of them have originated from India. And while noobs like us keep complaining, she even suggests some great (albeit hilarious) alternatives like Pushpak vimanBhramastra and yoga diwas.

You can watch the full video here:

Netizens found Vasu Primlani’s take on the whole renaming situation to be absolutely hilarious and thanked her for her sarcastic suggestions.

1. Can relate.

2. Truth bombs away!

3. Absolutely!

4. Oh they will. They will.

5. Naam mein sab rakha hai.

6. Satire is always truer than it pretends to be.

7. They’re making a movie about it.

8. Ye sarcasm kaha hai? Ye toh life hai.

9. World class? Pff! Universe class!

10. Amen to tha– wait, that’s not part of our culture. Tathastu!

So, what do you feel about Vasu Primlani’s advice? Are you happy with them or do you have something much better on your mind?