Man Picks Up An Old Book From Delhi’s Book Bazar & Shares Pics, Hears Back From The Owner

In today’s age of Kindle and e-books, the excitement of visiting book fairs and public libraries is sadly wearing off. As someone who still likes the feeling of holding a physical copy, the smell of paper, and the delight to turn to a new page to unfold the story, it breaks my heart to see an empty library waiting for its visitors.

However, there are still some like me who prefer spending their weekends going to book readings and book markets.

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Mayank Austen Soofi is one such Delhiite who is fond of collecting stories from the national capital. You can see him walking around the city with his camera and a notebook looking for untold stories and giving them a home on his website ‘The Delhi Walla’.

Recently, Mayank, a columnist and a published author, was at Delhi’s Sunday Book Bazar and bought a book of selected poems by the famous poet T.S. Eliot. When he opened the second-hand book, he was delighted to see that it was heavily annotated by one Anjali Chand who studied at Delhi’s Miranda House back in 1974.

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The book made him think of Anjali. Curious to see what she would be doing these days, Mayank decided to use the power of Twitter, hoping to get in touch with her.

Sharing pics of the old book, he tweeted:

“Hi Anjali Chand. I wonder where are you these days. I don’t know you, but that you were an English Lit student at Delhi University’s Miranda House, “74… today I picked up your heavily annotated Eliot from Delhi’s Sunday Book Bazar, and brought it to its new home.”

And to his surprise, he did get a response from Anjali. On seeing Mayank’s tweet, a former banker Vivek Chand, who claims to be Anjali’s cousin, became the mediator and shared the pics and Mayank’s message with her.

On seeing it, Anjali Chand who is now Anjali Grewal responded, “Crazy and amazing coincidence indeed. Decided after nearly half a century to go minimalist and was absolutely delighted that my book found such a loving home @thedelhiwalla.”

Mayank was overjoyed that his tweet reached Anjali and he got a reply from her via her relative, Vivek.

Even though it wasn’t a direct conversation with the original book owner, the fact that Mayank and Anjali even exchanged words warmed many hearts. This incident also made many nostalgic.

It is so sweet to see the power of the internet being put to good use!

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