People Attack Indian Man’s Home In USA With Dog Poop, Eggs, And Write Hate Slogans On Walls

‘Make America great again.’

More like ‘Make America racist again.’

An Indian man’s house was attacked in America with dog poop and toilet paper yesterday. That’s not all. The attackers even wrote on his walls and even stuck pages with racist comments all over the house.

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The incident happened in Denver, Colorado and has happened right after an Indian man was shot by a racist Trump supporter in Kansas.

The Kansas man reportedly shouted, “get out of my country” before shooting.


The group wrote things like ‘You brown Indian shouldn’t be here’ on the walls. The Indian, however, feels nothing but compassion towards them.

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His neighbours, a better set of human beings, helped him clean his house. But he was afraid.

“It was frightening.”

There have been increasing reports of rising hate crimes all over the USA since Trump took over the presidency. The reports of Indians being racially abused were few and far between.

The mother of the shot Kansas man has ordered the younger sibling to come back to India.

If these attacks keep continuing, it will only end up in isolating the USA. The country benefits a lot due to the influx of skilled immigrants.

We hope they become more inclusive and welcoming of immigrants.

News Source – India Today, Raw Story