Desis Argue Whether Colleges Should Have A Compulsory 75% Attendance Policy Or Not

In college, one of the things that youngsters struggle with is attendance. Most colleges have a compulsory 75% attendance policy which gets on the nerves of many students as they are forced to attend lectures they’re not even interested in.

Which is why, people have been debating on Twitter whether or not colleges should have a 75% compulsory attendance policy after one user posted this question:

On one hand, some believed that the attendance policy should be removed as students deserve the freedom to choose which classes to attend. It was also mentioned that there are students who have poor attendance who turn out to be toppers – proving that being present doesn’t guarantee academic excellence.

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On the other hand, there were also people who thought that an attendance policy is required as academic institutions should impose a certain level of discipline on the students. Some even suggested that attending classes is a part of the entire college experience which one ought not to miss.

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What are your views on this topic? Tell us!

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