Collarbone Challenge Is The New Social Media Hoax And It’s Catching On

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Social media is like a kid. You have to feed it timely, keep it entertained and make sure it never runs out of things to keep it occupied. And the new and absolutely vague game that has been invented for this child is the #CollarboneChallenge!

You remember the ice bucket challenge and the hype that it had created? Well it was for a good cause, even though several controversies were created around it on how it is leading to wastage of water. The hype came and went and then started a series of ripples caused by it.

Tagging friends to write their favorite books, dubsmashes and their spoofs, and then someone started the insanity of these body shaming challenges like belly-button challenge and the latest #CollarboneChallenge. Stressing unnecessarily on the need for girls to have a petite and bony body is doing its round on the social media through it.

So basically, in this activity, girls stack coins on their collarbones and the bigger your stack is, the skinnier and sexier you are. The more quarters you’re able to balance behind your clavicle bone, the skinnier you are and, therefore, the more you deserve to live and be happy. Ridiculous isn’t it? Yet it is getting famous in major parts of China, Japan and many other Asian countries with its claws gripping around India. Many models and celebrities are actively participating in it as well.


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And it does not stop here. The craze is increasing with people now trying to balance other weird stuff on their collarbones like paper clips, soaps, chocolates and God knows what not.


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After going through all of that, I say why don’t we all just start making up stuff, pleasing the weirdest notions we have in our head.
How about measuring the length of your toes to test your IQ level or the smaller your ears are the more sexually experienced you are!

After these befuddling trends followed by so many people, nothing makes sense anymore. Beauty is a fallacy.

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Why don’t we just put our spare coins in our pockets and get back to Instagramming pictures of real beauty that is around us.
Raw. Real. And in all senses PERFECT.

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