Colgate Captures Cute Grandma-Granddaughter Relationship & Turns It Into An Oral Health Lesson

When I was a child and schools used to close down for vacations, I didn’t have video games and the internet to keep my mind occupied. Instead, I used to spend time with my grandparents, especially my grandma. Hours used to fly by listening to her stories and enjoying her head massages. I have this clear vision of her not using many tools, like scissors and knives for basic things. If a milk packet had to be cut or a walnut’s shell had to be broken, she would use her teeth.

I was reminded of her and this particular memory after watching a video by Colgate. The video, which is directed by Amit Ravindernath Sharma, beautifully weaves childhood nostalgia and the memories of our grandparents to bring forth a simple yet important lesson on oral health. It hilariously contrasts an elderly woman without teeth and a child with very strong teeth to present the Colgate Strong Teeth toothpaste.

The video is an instant hit as soon as it introduces a toothless dadi addressing her granddaughter as a “cutting machine”. She of course can’t rip open a milk packet or a pack of candies or tear sugarcane stubs with her teeth, and she proves it with her adorable toothless laugh.

So she makes her granddaughter do all the heavy lifting teeth-ing and blesses her when she successfully completes her task.

However, two things really stand out in the video – one, the relationship between the grandma-granddaughter duo and two, the lesson to have and maintain strong teeth so that we are able to do these little things even as we grow older. For example, I would love to spend time with my grandmother in a similar manner and be able to tear open a packet of snacks with my teeth.

As we grow older, we constantly lose calcium from our teeth which also suffer from wear and tear daily. So it is not enough to brush our teeth twice a day. We need to choose the right kind of toothpaste too which gives our teeth the nourishment we need. Colgate Strong Teeth toothpaste does the job because it has a naturally occurring amino acid called Arginine which speeds the process of natural calcium deposition back onto our teeth, hence making them 2X stronger.

With the message ‘Paste hi nahi, daanto ka poshan hai yeh’, Colgate very simply reminds us to nourish our teeth the right way.

Here’s a look at the video:

The kind of warm relationship the duo shares in this video is almost the same as what I have with my grandma, including her using me as a ‘cutting machine’. This makes me want to visit her and give her a big hug! ❤️

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