Everybody Calm Down! There Is A Way You Can Get Your Coldplay Ticket For FREE.

Coldplay in India.

As the news came in, everyone flipped out left, right and centre, and all Coldplay fans ran like headless chickens with joy. But today as the bomb exploded of the concert ticket being priced at 25k apiece, everyone on Twitter lost their cool. However, it ain’t entirely true.

This is what Vijay Nair, OML chief, the organisation which runs India’s biggest premier music festivals tweeted when he saw that Twitterati was going crazy about the ticket cost.

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What you can do is download the Global Citizen app to keep your kidneys intact.

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Once you download the app, you will be notified about ‘Taking Action.’


Users of the app will have to take those actions and they will earn points after the completion of every action. These actions can be from tweeting about the issues to signing petitions.

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After a certain amount of points, users can enter the lottery draw to get tickets for the festival. If the user wins the draw, they will get two tickets. If you make the first draw, there are more opportunities.

Coldplay fans! Hakuna your tatas now.

Source : The DNA

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