Coke Studio Singer Left Homeless After Floods Damage His House, Receives Support From Desis

Pakistan is currently witnessing one of the worst monsoon spells which has wreaked havoc across the country. One of the places severely affected by the floods is Balochistan where as many as 26,000 homes have been damaged, reported Dawn.

One such home damaged by the floods belonged to Coke Studio singer Wahab Ali Bugti who sang the popular track ‘Kana Yari’. Pictures of his condition were posted on Twitter by a user named Nishat, reported India Today.

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“Wahab Bhugti who got famous after singing “Kana yari” at coke studio has been living in dire conditions due to the floods in Balochistan. His mud house was destroyed and his family has been living without a home,” she tweeted.

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In the pictures that were shared by Nishat, Wahab’s kids can be seen taking shelter under a charpoy. Floods have left their surrounding all muddy and in the rubble.

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As her post went viral, Balochistan Flood Relief took notice and got in touch with Wahab. They shared that he is still stuck in a high-threat area.

Several people online came together to help the poor man and his family. One also shared his account details to crowdfund enough money to help him get to safety.

According to News18, army officials have reached out to Wahab after the outpour of support from social media. A statement was issued by CM Secretariat, Balochistan Chief Minister Mir Abdul Qadoos Bizenjo wherein he ordered officials to help Wahab. The singer and his family have safely been shifted to Dera Murad Jamali.

After this incident, many condemned Coke Studio for allegedly not helping Wahab financial enough to pull him out of poverty. Some also were saddened by the sorry state of affairs of artists.

We’re glad that at least Wahab and his family are at a safer location right now.

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