Netizens Can’t Believe Amazon India Is Selling One Half Of A Coconut Shell At ₹3000

In our schooling days, everyone had to write an essay about the benefits of the coconut. Not because it’s as rare and expensive as diamond or gold. But because it’s so accessible and is a source for food, beauty productions, medicines, and creating household products.

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Now, even now if we stroll to the market (and unleash our bargaining powers), we can buy a 5-6 coconuts for around Rs. 200. But if you go to Amazon to buy a part of it, it might burn a hole in your pocket and give yourself a heart attack.

Twitter user @rama_rajeswari directed the internet’s attention to one half of a coconut shell that was being sold on Amazon. Why? Because firstly, it was absurd that people are buying it online. And secondly, they’re buying it at exorbitant prices!

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Yup! That’s one half of a coconut shell that’s being sold at Rs. 3000. But don’t worry, there’s a 55% discount on it.

Now, as we’re living in the era of fake news, you might be thinking that this is a hoax. Well, then I’m truly sorry to burst your bubble because this product is very real.

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While some of the recent reviews berated the site for selling such a common item for such an absurd price, older reviews displayed nothing but satisfaction. One buyer, who had bought it for their Monty Python inspired Halloween costume, went as far to give it a 5-star rating and say that it’s “exactly what you’d expect“.

However, desi Twitter couldn’t believe what they were seeing, while lamenting that they could’ve become millionaires by now if they wouldn’t have thrown away their coconut shells.

Since you know the business plan now, start using the coconut trees near you to your benefit. And if you don’t have one, start planting them because by the time it’ll grow to its full size, humanity will become stupid enough to buy them at more higher prices.

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