Desis React To Telly Scene Showing Dulha Swallowing A Cockroach With Milk On His Suhagraat

A massive dose of melodrama, some clever taane and over-the-top jewelry perfectly depict most Hindi daily soaps. A lot of them have the uncanny ability to draft seemingly impossible story lines. Remember when a girl fell into a suitcase, got locked in and almost drowned? Or when a Bengali series showed  doctors using scotch-brite to revive a dying man!

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In a similar oddity, a dulha on his wedding night adds a special ingredient to his glass of milk. This beverage topper is a live cockroach that just happened to be crawling on his bride. Take a look-

Just in case you’re wondering which show featured such insect abuse; the scene featuring Sriti Jha and Karanvir Bohra was part of telly series ‘Dil Se Dua-Saubhagyavati Bhava’. Bohra is depicted as an over-possessive and abusive husband (Viraj) who tortures his wife (Jahnvi) on screen.

Well, people online had a lot to say about the bizarre suhagraat scene-

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Sure we’ve heard of chocolate milk, but cockroach-milk kaun peeta hai bhai?

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