Cobra Swallows Plastic Bottle Mistaking It For Prey, Vomits It Out Later; Watch Video


Plastic pollution is a gruesome threat to not just humans but to animals too. This is why people around the globe are consciously trying to reduce plastic waste. From removing accumulated plastic from the sea to offering free meals in exchange for toxic waste, people are doing their bit to reduce the effects of plastic pollution. However, it will take time to completely clean out the menace of single-use plastic.

Recently, a video shared by Indian Forest Service officer Parveen Kaswan highlights how plastic pollution is threatening the lives of animals, reports Times Now. The 48-second video shows a cobra throwing up a plastic bottle it had swallowed earlier.

Have a look at the distressing video:

The snake had a swollen belly and could throw out the bottle after some struggle as it’s a cobra, but any other animal or reptile would not be able to do so, reports NDTV. Other animals could have possibly died in such a situation.

Many concerned people spoke about the ill effects of plastic pollution and urged others to reduce the use of single-use plastic:

We should be more responsible as plastic pollution is a serious environmental threat. We hope after watching this alarming video, people will be more careful while disposing of the hazardous plastic waste.

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