5 Different Coaching Institutes Advertise Same JEE Topper As Their Student, Redditors React


Education in India is nothing but a rat-race for most of us, and making it through entrance examinations is no easy feat amidst the competition. And in this scenario, numerous coaching centers have cropped up in our country, all promising to help us get that final jackpot of scoring a good rank.

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But often their ‘marketing strategies’ to entice students hilariously fall flat. For instance, an IIT coaching center used a picture of the same guy for two different ranks, or how a doctor sued a coaching institute after failing to clear the AIIMS entrance test and even won the case.

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And now recently, a Desi Redditor shed light on the false advertising displayed by several known coaching institutes in the country who resorted to using the same topper‘s picture in their posters, depicting her as their student. Check out the montage below:-

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Many other Redditors shared stories alleging that AIR toppers are getting paid by these coaching institutes and companies to use and advertise their photographs in their banners and posters:-

Other Redditors including one of her batch-mates spoke in support of the topper and spoke of the pressure every student faces-

Have you come across such false advertising as well? Tell us!

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