Mumbai Will Drown & 90% Of Us Will Die In 31 Years, Warns Climate Change Study!


Climate change is one of the most devastating environmental threats to mankind right now! The rising global temperature, the melting glaciers, the ever-increasing emission of greenhouse gases is gradually leading to the apocalypse and it is certainly going to be as scary as we’ve seen in Hollywood movies. Believe us!

A recent research paper by the Melbourne-based Breakthrough National Center for Climate Restoration (BNCCR) lists all probable scenarios that could wreak havoc on human society in different parts of the world by 2050 if no swift and urgent steps are taken to curb climate change.

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The report paints a bleak future for humans where the Earth is slowly heading towards destruction. As per the report, by 2050, our planet will suffer from at least twenty days of deadly heat per year “beyond the threshold of human survivability” with collapsed ecosystems and more than 1 billion people from several countries displaced.

To add to the list, the report claims that food production will drop by noticeable levels.

Moreover, some of the most prosperous coastal cities in the world like Shanghai, Mumbai, Lagos will be swamped leaving them partially abandoned!

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Jakarta, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Ho Chi Minh City, Bangkok and Manila would also suffer drastically.


BNCCR report also claims that a minimum 3°C rise in temperatures until 2050 would result in most of Bangladesh and Florida drowning.

“We must never forget that we are in a unique situation with no precise historic analogue. The level of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is now greater, and the Earth warmer than what human beings have ever experienced. And there are almost eight billion of us now living on this planet,” the report states.

The report also claimed that many ecosystems including those in the Arctic, the Amazon rainforest and the coral reefs are likely to collapse by 2050. West Africa, tropical South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia might suffer from 100 days of lethal heat per year resulting in the displacement of over 1 billion people.

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The social consequences range from increased religious fervor to outright chaos. In this scenario, climate change provokes a permanent shift in the relationship of humankind to nature,” the paper said.

The end of human civilization is nearing in just a matter of 31 years! It’s high time we take urgent steps to curb climate change to save mankind from the foreseen existential crisis. Let’s begin today!

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