Chhattisgarh Govt Offices To Serve Food In Clay Plates & Cups As An Alternative To Plastic!

With growing awareness about the menace of plastic pollution, people all over the globe are finding alternatives to plastics used in our daily lives. Restaurants are replacing plastic straws with biodegradable paper ones, supermarkets are using banana leaves to package fresh vegetables and shoppers are carrying their own jute/cloth bags to reduce the need for plastic ones.

The Village Industries Department in Chhattisgarh has proposed the use of clay utensils in all meetings and events held at government offices in the state. After approval, ministers will be served food in earthen plates and water in clay cups made by the Mati Kala Board.

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The Mati Kala Board, along with skilled potters in the Mahasamund district will manufacture these earthen utensils and provide them to the government.

As per Zee News India reports, Rural Industry Department Minister Rudra Kumar believes that this move will not only boost small industries in rural areas but also generate more employment opportunities.

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Since these utensils can be washed and used for a longer period of time unlike disposable plastic ones, Village Industries Minister Guru Rudra Kumar says that they are better for the environment. They also promote traditional artisan pottery. DNA India quoted him saying,

“It started sometime back, so very few people are aware of this initiative. Soon, its sale will be started online alongside the open market so that people can also buy these utensils.”

Soon we can also buy affordable and eco-friendly dinner sets made out of clay that will be priced between Rs.500 to 1000. How cool is that?

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