NEET Messed Up 2024 Results, So CLAT Stepped Up & Used It As A Marketing Opportunity

Massive controversy has been stirred regarding the NEET results this year. The results of the exams, which were conducted on May 5 and taken by over 24 lakh students, were announced on June 4, 10 days before the previously declared date. The reasons why the results sparked a controversy was because 67 students scored the perfect result – 72. Students scored 718 and 719 which is impossible. Numerous NEET toppers were from the same examination centre. And finally, there have been allegations of NEET question papers getting leaked, reported Deccan Herald.

As matters look very uncertain for students, the Common Law Admission Test or CLAT has taken advantage of the situation and is encouraging students to appear for CLAT instead of NEET and IIT-JEE. A picture of a newspaper advertisement was shared on X by a user. Have a look:

Several people online have been enjoying how CLAT took a dire situation and spun it around to its advantage! Here’s how they responded to the post:

This is marketing and promotions at their peak!

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