Ryan Case: Class 11 Kid Suspected Of Killing A 7 YO Takes Back His Confession, Says He Was Forced

It has been over two months that the news of a class 2 student from Ryan International school being murdered flashed on our television screens. Parents all over the country were worried about the safety of their children and an atmosphere of terror lurked all around Delhi and the country.

Initially, the police probe pointed fingers at the bus conductor, Ashok Kumar, who apparently murdered the child because he refused his sexual advances. However, a later inquiry showed that the bus conductor was only forced to confess and used as a scapegoat.

The lawyer of the bus conductor even said that they would be filing a defamation suit against the Gurugram police for soiling his name.

After that, it was a class XI student who was accused of the murder. He allegedly murdered Pradyuman Thakur because he wanted to cancel the examinations and postpone the parent-teacher meeting.

However, in recent developments apparently, even the confession of the class 11 student was forced. According to a Hindustan Times report, the juvenile has retracted his confession saying that the officials beat him up and recorded the confession in their own words.

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Meanwhile, according to India Today, Pradyuman’s parents are planning to take legal action. They are demanding that the Class 11 student should be tried as an adult for the murder.

The visiting team also reached the observation home in Faridabad and got to know that the accused’s family members were present there. A source said,

“To verify their presence and to check whether they met the accused, agency officials have asked for CCTV footage as meetings are not allowed on Mondays. Family meetings can only take place on Tuesdays and Fridays.”

The CIB is also going to question the school staff and the management of Ryan International. They suspect that the school was involved in evidence tampering before the Haryana police arrived.

He narrated the events of the day of the incident saying that he first visited a temple near his house. He reached school around 8 AM and saw a friend who asked him to wait. He waited for the friend near the water cooler for 2 minutes but he didn’t show up.

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He said that he went to the music room. The teacher had recently lost her father, however, the room was locked. He then went to the washroom where he heard the screams of the boy vomiting blood. He rushed out to get help and informed Harpal, the gardener and then a teacher about the injured boy.

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In the middle of this accusing and counter-accusing, I hope we don’t let this case muffle up details. And we hope justice, where ever it may be is served and served quickly at that.