Footballer CK Vineeth Writes His Son’s Religion As ‘NIL’ On Birth Certificate, Gets Praised

The biggest gift parents can give their children is the freedom of choice. And Indian parents are a tad bit reluctant to give this one to their kids. Whether it is the freedom to choose what they want to eat or how they want to dress, or even who they wish to marry. Or not marry at all! With religion being such an explosive topic, not many parents willingly let their progeny practice a religion they don’t preach. And then, there’s C K Vineeth!

Chekiyot Kizhakkeveettill or C K Vineeth, is a 29-year-old Indian professional footballer who plays in the national team and the Indian Super League’s Kerala Blasters.

On February 23 this year, Vineeth and his wife Saranya were blessed with a son.

The footballer shared a sweet post on his social media profiles the next day, welcoming their little bundle of joy! Check out the caption!

My little game changer has arrived.😍😍

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Little does this newborn know that his father is the real game-changer here!

Pictures of Vineeth’s son’s birth certificate have surfaced on social media, and people are applauding the footballer for choosing to write ‘NIL’ in the column of religion!

Image Courtesy: Twitter

Twitter user @apramodraman tweeted about this, commending Vineeth for this unorthodox decision!

He even divulged what Vineeth stated as his reason for choosing to not specify a religion for his newborn.

Can we have a round of applause for this man?

Twitter sang the footballer’s praise for his decision, hoping that more parents would have the courage and inclination to afford their children such a choice.

One small step for Vineeth, one possible change for parent-kind? We can hope!

1. A real role model!

2. Galling! Well done!

3. The right way forward!

We may have added the word ‘Secular’ in our Constitution’s preamble but the feeling is absent from our hearts.

The love of a parent for their child is sacrosanct. But you know what they say, if you love someone truly, set them free.

And isn’t this exactly what Vineeth and his wife have done for their child? Given the little one the freedom to choose who and what he wants to be?

Love ❤️#Blessed

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Kudos to you Vineeth! Your child is indeed #blessed to have you!