Citizens Lift Illegally Parked Car On The Road So A Bus Could Take Its Usual Route

In the bustling streets of big cities, ‘No Parking’ signs and general parking regulations are only just formalities. In reality, cars will engage in a dance of the devils to occupy the most useless spot that’s going to cause an inconvenience to the rest of the world. Pedestrians will cuss them in their minds and traffic police will shake their heads waiting to slap them with a hefty fine.

Speaking of which, in one of the busy streets of New York City was parked a car illegally. It caused a barrier for a bus to pass through. This happened in Brooklyn and the car was obstructing the bus’s turn at Front St and Main St, reported Indian Express.

So, a group of pedestrians came together and lifted the car from its illegally occupied spot and shifted it to another spot so that the bus could pass through and take its usual route.

Reddit’s official Instagram account posted the video and they captioned it, “Every day heroes for sure.”

Have a look:


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Several people online lauded how so many people came together for a common cause and helped the bus driver go on with his usual day. Here’s how some of them reacted:

Isn’t it great to see different people unite for a greater cause? ūüôā

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