13 Times CID Proved That It Works On Anything But Logic

CID is one of the oldest running TV serials in India. It pretty much has the same core team working without any concept of transfer or retirement as CID officers. This serial shows some weird shit that people buy easily. For years, it has come up with creative ideas for real criminals to commit crimes. Sometimes criminals commit crimes in the form of ghosts while other times they kill people with an ice knife!

Here are some ways in which this serial doesn’t fail to prove time and again that it works on anything but logic.

1. No matter how awful the crime is, people directly call CID. As if our country is a police free country

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Whatever happened to the power of dialing 100?


2. 1.21 billion people have ACP Pradyuman, Daya, and Abhijeet’s number in their cell phones

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Probably they also have their numbers on speed dial.


3. The only people you will ever see in the entire CID building is the CID’s core team of 5-6 people

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Administration staff not needed. Constables not needed. They only need Daya to break the doors.


4. Whatever happens in the country ACP, Daya, and Abhijeet will personally check each and every shop to collect information

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Like where is the search team gone? Probably next time they should ask for their search team in the shops too.


5. Dr. Salunkhe and Dr. Tarika have the most advanced technology in their lab that decodes almost 90% of their mystery

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Like where are the scientists and innovators? Are they even checking the kind of technology CID is already using?


6. Solving a crime mystery is incomplete until Fredericks cracks his lame jokes

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No one laughs at them, not even the CID team. Then why Fredricks? Why?


7. Daya darwaja tod do. Kuch toh gadbad hai Daya! The entire mystery is solved on these two dialogues

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1000 doors aren’t resting in peace today because of Daya and ACP.


8. Sometimes the writers run out of words and lose the story’s plot. So, what do they do to stretch the scene to become an hour’s episode?

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This proves that even the writers fail to understand the logic of this show.


9. According to CID, anyone and everyone can be a criminal. Example: Animals, ghosts, humans, nonhumans and, of course, the Indian “Joker”

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This is where CID proved that they don’t have a budget for logic.


10. Remember the Hrishikesh series of CID? Looked like they took off for a vacation and ended up solving crimes there for a month

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Oh! Come on government, appoint some more police force already! CID is overworked and underpaid.


11. Speaking of underpaid, Haven’t you seen the same suit ACP Pradyuman wears every 3rd episode? Or the brown jacket Abhijeet wears all the time. And the Blue shirt with two chest pockets that Daya wears?

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 Come on man!


12. Sometimes the core trio in this serial is expelled, almost killed, and made to disappear. ACP went blind, but he was lucky enough to get his eyesight back because someone thought ACP needed his eyesight more than anyone else

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And magically they all return back from the dead all healthy and smiling to solve crimes all across the globe. :-/


13. When the budget and creativity of this show flows at full speed, CID reaches Paris, Switzerland and Uzbekistan to solve the crimes

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Like not just in India, but probably some foreign countries also run out of abled police force.

CID, you absolutely have everything that a show needs except for logic. Let’s try getting that henceforth, shall we?

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