Twitter Reacts To Haldi & Chyawanprash Flavoured Ice Creams That Claim To Boost Immunity


Health has become the top priority for many amid the pandemic. From drinking hot kadhas to consuming healthy veggies and nuts, people are going the extra mile to boost their immunity. However, how far would you go to eat clean? Would you try healthy ice creams?

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In case you are wondering, they do exist. A Karnataka-based company has launched Haldi and Chyawanprash flavored ice creams, reports Hindustan Times. They are reportedly a blend of cooling ingredients and immunity-boosting herbs. Sounds yuck, doesn’t it?


Well, while the Haldi ice cream will consist of turmeric, pepper, and honey, the Chyawanprash flavor will have dates and amla. According to News18, both the flavors will be priced at a rate of 30 percent higher than other ice creams.

Many people online couldn’t believe what they saw. They expressed their displeasure over the unusual flavors: 



I hope nobody tells my mother about this ice-cream because I don’t want to try it ever. How about you? Would you try these unique flavors? Tell us!

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