15 Crazy Things You Do Only With Your Chaddi Buddy

Chaddi buddy also commonly known as langotiya yaar in India, is that person you have been friends with since your diaper days. Over the period of years they have practically become an extended part of you, they know you and your family inside out. All your relatives are aware about them and often ask about their whereabouts.You simply cannot imagine how life will be like without them.

Here are the things that you can experience only with your chaddi buddy

1. Walk in their house like it’s your own

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Cuz it really is. You have spent almost equal time in their house as much as you have in your house.


2. Wear their clothes without asking them

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Their clothes are your clothes and your clothes are their clothes.


3. If the food at home is not interesting enough, go to their house

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I am hungry I want food.


4. You call their mom  – Mom, and she treats you like her kid.

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Can get confusing when the two of you are talking about your respective mom.


5. You have also gone on family picnics with their family

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Hey! that’s my family too. Nothing weird.


6. Shared pocket money to eat something or buy some game

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So I have Rs 5 and you have Rs 7, cool we can have 1 plate teekha pani puri in the evening.


7. You know every tiny detail of theirs

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Blood type, height, weight well, that fluctuates, but anything and everything.


8. Sometimes people around are worried about your sexual preference

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You two are so close and perfect together that it confuses people.


9. Your likes are pretty similar

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Since you two have practically been together forever, all your likes are pretty similar.


10. You can talk to them for hours

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There is always so much to talk about no boring times.


11. They know your childhood secrets

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And you know theirs, bribing gets interesting for you two.


12. You guys have many photos from your childhood

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People ask you whether they are your siblings and you go like nah! more than that.


13. Even if you two go separate ways for careers, nothing changes

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You know they will always be there for you.


14. Your support for each other and faith in one another can’t be measured

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You can easily count on them and their support. No one can dare break that trust and come between you two. Cuz, you two are simply inseparable.


15. New friends and new “best friends” will come and go

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But you know nothing can be as cool as your friendship of so many years.

The two of you are packaged in 2 different bodies with a single mind. You boast about your friendship and about the years you guys have been friends for. They are your soulmates in the form of a true friend.  <3

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