Singer Chinmayi Silences The Boycotters Of AR Rahman’s UK Concert With 4 Kickass Tweets

As we all know, AR Rahman recently had a concert at the SSE Arena, Wembley in the United Kingdom. But the most bizarre thing happened when a few Indians walked out of the concert and ranted on Twitter about how it was wrong of AR Rahman to sing Tamil songs at a concert named “Netru, Indru, Naalai”.


It started with a lot of senseless Tweets for very strange reasons.


A lot of people stood up for AR Rahman, but these 4 tweets by singer Chinmayi aptly point out the hypocrisy of these so called ‘fans’ who decided to insult an artist by walking out of his gig because he chose to sing in some other language.

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She started with pointing out how every Indian was in line to take credit when Mr. Rahman was winning international acclaim.


She also stated the obvious fact that the name of the concert clearly suggested that there will be Tamil music. And, it still had a majority of Hindi songs.


She also questioned the irrational aversion people have towards Tamil.


And the last tweet took the cake. She perfectly described how India is not a monolingual nation and people should stop perceiving it as one.


That’s how you win an argument with absolute class.

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You go, girl!

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