Unable To Handle Indian Beer, 2 Chinese Nationals Get Naked & Cause Car Accident In Meerut

This time of the year is when I get truly and madly jealous of my friend who moved to Germany. Why? Because Oktoberfest starts in a few days and experiencing that beer heaven is one item on every beer aficionado’s bucket list. But since there’s no point crying over spilt beer, I’m just going to have to make do with what’s available and enjoy good old Indian beer.

And to be honest, we do have some decent beer in India. Thank God for all the breweries that keep popping up ever so often, am I right?

But for a couple of Chinese men, our Indian beer turned out to be a bit too much.

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When an SUV rammed into Rajiv Rastogi’s car in Meerut on Sunday, he got out to apprehend the culprits. However, he was met with a peculiar sight.

As the windows of the Toyota Fortuna rolled down, Rastogi laid eyes on two extremely drunk Chinese nationals. Stark naked. One of them giggling profusely.

Rastogi, who had been injured in the accident, immediately forgot his pain and rage as he was beyond perplexed at the sight before him. Not knowing how to deal with the drunk naked men before him, he started looking around for a cop. Soon enough, a crowd of curious onlookers gathered around the car, bringing traffic to a halt and cops on sight.

According to the Times of India, the two Chinese men have been identified as Guoqing Xia (45) and Wenxin Zu (51). The two are reportedly, quality control experts for a Chinese firm and visit India frequently to source meat products from a local factory.

The cops got the men dressed and took them to the police station.

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And when asked why they were naked in the first place, Xia replied as such:

“Downed a few bottles of an Indian beer that we couldn’t handle.”

Damn. I mean, sure Indian beer is good, but I never knew it had such potency.

The police have registered a case against Xia for rash driving (section 279), causing hurt by act endangering life (section 337), causing grievous hurt (section 338), and mischief causing damage (section 427).

Does anyone have any clue what these magical beers could be? You know, just asking for a friend.