This Chinese Man Threw Lit Patakas Down A Manhole And Then… KABOOM!

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If you thought messing around with ‘sutli bomb’ and ‘laxmi bomb’ were exclusively Indian shenanigans, then think again. The Chinese are not far behind. What they miss out with Diwali, they make up on the Chinese New Year! Traditionally celebrating with firecrackers; they believe it wards off evil spirits.

However, where they are firecrackers, you could expect a splash of juvenile mischief! That is precisely what happened when a young boy in China decided to get creative with fireworks. He put them down a manhole!

Care to wager what happened next?

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He immediately blew up the whole sidewalk! The terrifying incident was captured on camera, and the video has now gone viral.

Take a sneak peek!

Why you should never put fireworks down a manhole

Why you should never put fireworks down a manhole.👉

Posted by Shanghaiist on Friday, February 1, 2019

According to Shanghaiist, the incident occurred in China’s Inner Mongolian city of Chifeng. In the video, shot last Wednesday, a boy is seen dropping lit fireworks through a manhole cover before quickly retreating. Within seconds, a huge explosion blows up the entire sidewalk!

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Luckily, the boy managed to escape unharmed.

Since being shared online, the video has gone viral on Chinese social media platforms like Weibo, reports NDTV. While many chide the boy and delve into the science of the sewer explosion; others heave sighs of relief at the narrow escape.

What do you think of his barbaric karnama? Tell us in the comments!

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