A Chinese Couple Marked Their 10th Anniversary With A Photoshoot In India And We’re Awestruck!


We have come across a lot of pictures/photoshoots that celebrate love. Love that binds two souls and leads by example. The same love, whose existence makes the world a little less scary than it is.

While every frame captured with/in/by love, comes out looking extra-ordinary, we recently came across something that will warm the cockles of your heart. Even the coldest ones- a photo shoot. Not any other, a photo shoot of a Chinese couple, Ling and Zhang who celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary in India, at various places including the Taj Mahal

Documented and captured by the talented team at Our Wedding Chapter, the pictures are a treat for the eyes. See for yourself! 

1. Meet the happy couple! 


2. Love is in the air.


3. And happiness too! 


4. Words fall short…


5. With the symbol of love itself…


6. All smiles!


7. Memories!


8. The famous ‘Follow me’ style! 


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9. Rich in every way! 

Photographer, Paramveer told Storypick,

“Seeing someone embrace our own culture so gracefully keeps our faith irrespective of our differences. We realised how rich we were culturally and how we are perceived.”


10. Of an unbreakable vow!


11. That special look.


12. What’s without a little dancing? 



13. Adorable, aren’t they?!



14. Too precious for mere words!



15. Of love and laughter!


This is what dreams are made of. At least mine are. Thank you for rekindling our faith in unconditional love, Ling and Zhang. Congratulations on your 10th! 🙂

Image Courtesy: Our Wedding Chapter

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