This Slapfest Between A Girl And Her Teacher In China Is Taking The Internet By Storm!

Let’s be honest. We all have had¬†teachers that we loved and teachers that we absolutely hated. There may be different reasons for that, like the teacher might have been too strict on us, or just too grumpy, but we never really thought of hitting him, did we?

Well, call me old-fashioned but I never did. But as it seems, times-are-a-changing!

This video from a Chinese school is taking the internet by storm. The video shows a teacher scolding a student for having a bad attitude and bad manners. The student, however, seems not to pay any heed to the teacher and gets in a heated argument with her. What happens next is a brawl between the two that the other students have to break up. Check out the video uploaded by Shanghaiist.