China Kills Prisoners To Harvest & Sell Their Organs, Making Billions Of Dollars!

It was just a few days ago when we came across a shocking news of human trafficking involving the countries, China and Pakistan. According to NDTV, brokers in the Asian country were on the hunt for Christian brides in order to sell them to Chinese men.

If that wasn’t shameful enough, come June, China has been linked to another horrific crime which will give you an idea of the shadiness in the country.

As per a Forbes report, on June 17, the Chinese Tribunal passed its final verdict which stated that organ harvesting is being carried out in the country for years on a very large scale and mostly in Chinese prisons. It is alleged that prisoners of conscience are killed in the country in order to remove one or more of their organs. The harvested organs are then handed over to Chinese citizens or international transplant tourists who travel to China and pay substantial sums to receive trafficked organs.

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By prisoners of conscience, we are referring to those people who are put in prison for adhering to certain political or religious beliefs which are not tolerated by the state they are residents of.

The statement exactly reads,

“Forced organ harvesting has been committed for years throughout China on a significant scale, [and] the tribunal has had no evidence that the significant infrastructure associated with China’s transplantation industry has been dismantled and absent a satisfactory explanation as to the source of readily available organs concludes that forced organ harvesting continues till today.”

While the estimates turned out to be higher than the official statistics, some of the organ extractions were performed on patients who were alive! However, they died during the process or soon after.

According to the final verdict, the market for the brutal crime is worth billions of dollars.

“The tribunal’s members are certain—unanimously, and sure beyond a reasonable doubt—that in China forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience has been practiced for a substantial period of time involving a very substantial number of victims.”

Speaking about the same, Sir Geoffrey Nice QC, the tribunal’s chair said,

“There is no evidence of the practice [of prisoner organ harvesting] having been stopped and the tribunal is satisfied that it is continuing.”

“The conclusion shows that very many people have died indescribably hideous deaths for no reason, that more may suffer in similar ways and that all of us live on a planet where extreme wickedness may be found in the power of those, for the time being, running a country with one of the oldest civilizations known to modern man.”

Though North Korea tops the list when it comes to the most disreputable countries in the world, China is not too far behind. The country has been related to several heinous crimes over the years and there are many yet to be brought to light.