Videos Of Jewellery Stealing Pranks In China Are Going Viral For Being Insanely Hilarious!

As far as pranks go, (the legit ones not the staged ones) this jewellery stealing prank could pretty much give the people on the receiving end of it a minor heart-attack. It’s so perfect, and there’s a video compilation of it, with each one better than the other. And tell you what? It’s gone insanely viral!

The jewellery stealing prank is exactly that—stealing jewellery from stores in China. Except, the prankster is only pretending to do it. But their sudden running stance just gives the store assistants a heart-attack!

The prankster seems to be making a run for it, and the store assistant springs into action, ready to tackle the jewel thief! And just a little before the door, the prankster stops, making the assistant realise it’s a false alarm!

Check it out and LOL!

去金鋪買金鏈可以這樣嚇店員~學起來😂😂#艾特閨蜜模仿更多抖音請關注 | More Tiktok Videos Please Follow: 天天瘋抖音

Posted by 天天瘋抖音 on Wednesday, December 5, 2018

ROFLMAO! Wasn’t that absolutely mental? But wait, did you see the store assistants just jumping over the counter like freaking ninjas?

The video, which has been shared a lot on Chinese social media and on FB and Twitter too, has gone viral!

You try not to laugh but YOU WILL FAIL!

Hear Hear!

Did you see that one?

Also, who are these store assistants and how are they so fit and fast?

That moment when they realised the customer wasn’t actually running away with their precious cargo!

The video though got people noticing and wondering about this one weird thing…. Why did all these stores not have mirrors near the jewellery displays? Why so close to the exit?

Come on, you know you want to watch it again!

Perfectly put because that’s what it was!

Ethan Hunt would be impressed!

Americans couldn’t help but mock their own store attendants, because they would probably never be able to be this fast!

Hey, maybe that would be the grand finale! Her actually running off! Like a reverse crying wold scenario!

This idea for a remake!

So popular is that jewellery stealing prank video that someone even shared a similar prank being pulled at a shoe store!

This is something you could totally try!

Well, you know what? April’s just 3.5 months away!

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