Driving School’s Clever Trick- If You’re Not Careful, Your Phone’s Crushed!

There are many art forms in the world. And driving is definitely one of them. Although for many people, driving is more about which shiny expensive car they are riding and how fast it can get. But driving cautiously in all kinds of terrain and keeping the vehicle in your control is an art. And not everybody masters it.

Especially, with so many cases of accidents today which is due to the carelessness of the driver. Apart from over-speeding, one of the biggest reason for road mishaps these days is the use of cell phones during driving. And because we are so attached to our smartphones, this China driving school is using that as a bait to impart lessons.

According to a Chinese website, Shanghaiist, a driving school has discovered an offbeat way of teaching the students to be cautious while reversing the vehicle – by putting their smartphones on the boundary line.

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The group of students practising were asked to put their phones in a line. Because whoever was behind the wheel was answerable for everyone’s smartphone in case it came under the wheels.

The school instructor from China said, that it was actually the student’s idea to do so. And obviously, each of them was extra cautious after that. You can watch the video here.

You can never teach someone to follow something unless they really want to. The urge to learn indeed comes from within. It is really laud-worthy of these students who gave this idea. It is important for the drivers themselves to understand, that driving should be done with caution and rules.

Kudos, to this school for adapting this. Kudos, to this school for adapting this. But we also wonder if India would ever use such a tactic!