Man Creates An Entire Children’s Book Using Artificial Intelligence But Twitter Is Unhappy

In the past, several people used Artificial Intelligence (AI) in such a way that it proved to be beneficial for them. Earlier, a dad used AI algorithms and soap bubbles to ensure his son watched TV  from a distance. Soon after, a Canada-based company created AI-generated virtual hands that recreated songs played by professional pianists.

Now, a man created a children’s book with the help of AI.

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Taking to Twitter, a product and design manager Ammaar Reshi shared how he created the entire book over the weekend. He tweeted:

In the thread, he shared the process of coming up with the book named ‘Alice and Sparkle’. He used the AI tool ‘ChatGPT’ to get inspiration for the illustrations.

Next up, with the help of another tool, he managed to come up with a consistent style for the book.

He then combined all of those and put them together in a book format and signed up for Amazon Kindle Publishing.

And just like that, over the weekend he became a published author.

He was evidently overjoyed with his skills. However, people online were not so delighted to hear about it. While some said he used stolen images in the book, others took their time to pinpoint the many mistakes the book has.

Humans created AI and now it seems like in the near future, they could replace human talent. Having said that, the output won’t be as perfect and personal as it would be if it had human involvement. What do you think?

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