See How Old Your Fav Childhood TV Shows Are Turning And Don’t Blame Us When You Feel Ancient!


As a millennial kid, my childhood was one of the brightest phases of my life. With so many inventions happening around us it sure was fun to be witness to them all. I still remember those times when my heart used to be racing with fear that my parents might pick up the other landline phone and listen to all my secret talks with my best friend.

Another thrill was the television, from sitting with my grandma and watching soaps religiously every night to watching Disney channel and singing along with my favourite stars.

Unfortunately, growing up forced us to do things like adulting. And while paying bills and aging can be tough, I’m here to make you feel a tad worse (muahahaha, that’s my evil laughter). Here’s a list of your fave childhood obsessions and how old they’re turning in 2018.

1. Dill Mill Gaye

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The Indian medical drama series which aired on STAR One had us all gushing over the love affair between Dr. Armaan and Dr. Riddhima. In 2018 the Sanjivani sequel is turning 11 years old.


2. Hannah Montana

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Jamming to ‘You get the best of both worlds’ and letting our inner pop star was never more fun. We smiled with Miley and cheered Hannah on while loving the family and friendship bonds she shared. The show is completing 12 years since the first episode aired in 2006.

3. Remix

Image Courtesy- Rose Audio Visuals

Yuvraj, Tia, Anvesha, Ranveer and the whole Maurya High gang made us feel like we were a part of their gang. The Star One TV show is going to be turning 14 years old next year. Is it okay if I still talk in third person like Tia though?

4. Wizards Of Waverly Place

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If you didn’t do “What’s that a hat, a crazy funky junkie hat!” with our bestie you weren’t a true Selena Gomez fan. The Russo family was our favourite small-screen magical family. The show is turning 11 in 2018! It’s been a decade, WHAT?!


5. Khichdi

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Khichdi was definitely responsible for us stereotyping Gujjus in our households. But it gave a good laugh nonetheless! The iconic show is completing 16 years in 2018. But however long it’s been, Praful and Hansa will always be hilarious!

6. Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

Image Courtesy- The Disney Channel

This was the first time we met Cole Sprouse (Riverdale fans gimme a cheer) and we fell in love with him right then. The twins and their notorious hotel antics first aired in 2005 and the show is turning 13 years old next year!

7. Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin

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The show based on Ugly Betty gave us a desi idol at the time. We watched it endlessly laughing, crying and smiling along with the protagonists. We would crush on Mr. Armaan,  while sighing, “Tu mera Armaan hain!” It’s been 15 years since the show first aired. Yeah, I feel ya!

8. Lizzie McGuire

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Lizzie Gordo and Miranda were #FriendshipGoals when it wasn’t even a thing! The half animated show taught us the essence of friendship, love, and family. The show is turning 17 years old in 2018!

9. Left Right Left

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Following the lives of six cadets was so interesting! The gang taught us lessons on being career oriented, bravery and patriotism. The show first aired in 2006 and will be turning 12 years old in 2018!

10. Drake and Josh

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The sitcom following the two opposites Drake and Josh gave us an insight into the bro code and brotherhood in general! The TV series is going be 14 next year. Crazy right?

11. Shakalaka Boom Boom

Image Courtesy- Star Plus

Sanju and his magic pencil are what dreams are made of. I remember I used to collect the show’s merchandise (before I knew it was even a thing) and draw with his pencil. Screw genies and his lamps I’d want the pencil. It will be 16 years since the show aired on Star Plus!

12. That’s So Raven

Image Source

Who didn’t fall in love with the uber cool and spunky Raven!? The supernatural sitcom taught us how to be sassy and pretty bad-assy! It first aired in 2003 and will be turning 15 in 2018!

13. Shararat

Image Courtesy- Star Plus

The desi witches Jiya, her mum, and grandmom showed a matriarchal family before I even knew the word. The Dhruv- Jiya love story had us blushing hard when the cutness was just too much to take. The show is going to turn 15 years old and we’re like how is that possible!

14. Son Pari

Image Courtesy- Star Plus

‘Iktu Biktu Jim Patuta’, four words that I think none of us can forget! Altu uncle and Sona aunty became all our fairy godparents. The show first aired in 2000 and it’s going to be 18 years since then. Fruity must have grown up so much (ouch, am I sounding like a shaadi wali aunty?)

15. Vikraal Aur Gabraal

Image Courtesy- Star Plus

The desi ghostbusters Vikral and his sidekick Gabroo used to hunt the supernatural and protect the commoners. Talk about risking their lives for the common good, ammirite kids? The show is turning 15 years old in 2018 but we can never forget the classic duo!

OMG! I think I deserve to be a relic in a museum now!

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