Desis Born In The 90s Remember What Their Lives Looked Like Before Smartphones & Social Media

People who grew up at a time when they didn’t have access to social media or the internet had the best time of their lives. Nowadays, kids can’t even imagine the fun we had back then. There was so much to do – we could play for hours without getting tired, complete reading books overnight, speak to friends face to face every day, and watch cartoons which are memorable even today.

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Desis on Reddit under r/Mumbai have been reminiscing about their childhood days and listing everything they would do in a day.

People who grew up in the 90’s and early 2000.How was life without smartphones and social media?How did you guys spend your time? from mumbai

There was so much to do after coming back from school – watch cartoons, go out and play, finish homework, play board games, and what not!

Imagine how physically fit we were, considering we played for 2-3 hours every day.

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We spent so much time outdoors that our moms would be annoyed and sometimes drag us back home.

I firmly believe that the problem with the new generation is that their cartoons suck.

Remember watching Art Attack and recreating the crafts shown on TV? 😀

Seriously, there was nothing to worry about in life and everything was so peaceful!

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If your childhood looked something like this, consider yourself VERY lucky. 🙂

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