People List Out Childhood Things They Can No Longer Do As Grown Adults

They say we should never let our inner child die. That we should always maintain our childlike sense of wonder and curiosity and go on adventures from time to time even as adults. Having said that, the reality is that responsibilities and age often come in our way. All of us have work deadlines, bills to pay and health issues to consider as we get older which leaves little time for our favourite childhood past times.

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People on Reddit are listing out these very activities that they fondly remember but have had to give up during adulthood.

What’s the most favorite thing you had to give up because you grew too old for it? from AskReddit

1. Summer vacation

2. Playing in treehouses and playgrounds. Collecting soft toys and action figures. Going to amusement parks.

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3. Not worrying about calories

4. Learning new things every day

5. Daydreaming and having an active imagination

6. Meeting friends every day

7. Just being a kid

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8. Pulling all-nighters and not feeling its effects the next day

Here’s hoping that this nostalgic thread motivates us to take up at least some (let’s be realistic) of our childhood hobbies and bring back some of the lost joy in our busy lives.

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