Woman Says Paneer Is Better Than Chicken, Gets Roasted For Eating Paneer & Roti With Ketchup

Every group has that one non-vegetarian person who tries to convince his vegetarian friend to eat chicken. Then, there’s also a vegetarian friend who keeps saying that paneer is a better, healthier, and natural form of protein.

The debate, of whether paneer is better or chicken, has been here for ages. But now, it has taken over Twitter after a woman posted her unpopular opinion online.

Sharing a picture of her plate that had a couple of chapattis, chili paneer, some ketchup along with a cup of tea, Twitter user Tanya wrote:

“Unpopular opinion Paneer is better than Chicken.”

With just a couple of words, she was able to spark a food war online. People came to defend their favourite contender between chicken and paneer.

Some diverted from the debate and looking at her plate said eating ketchup with tea is a crime.

I got hungry just reading the comments. BRB, going to order a chicken roll. 😂

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