Bride Has A Bouquet Made Of Chicken Nuggets At Her Wedding & Eats Them At Her Reception

A wedding is the fanciest event in anybody’s life! And brides want their gown, makeup, venue, guests and FOOD, all on point on their D-Day. So, the theme of the wedding is mostly based on the likes and dislikes of the couple of honor. From flowers and decor to the wedding cake flavor, everything has to be the couple’s choice.

And friends and cousins, do play an important role in making the D-day special for the couple. Going by the unwritten rule of the wedding, the maid-of-honor, Jenna Spetz at her cousin Blair Hardy’s wedding with Adam Tyson earlier this month came up with an out-of-the-box idea to surprise the bride, reports The Sun.

Accordingly, she contacted the bride’s favorite fast food joint, Tyson to know if they could arrange a chicken nuggets bouquet for the foodie bride. Shockingly, the food joint agreed to prepare an edible chicken nuggets bouquet for the bride and also offered nuggets for all the wedding guests and a year’s supply of free chicken.

Without a second thought, Jenna executed her plan to surprise Blair, who’s a big fan of fries and nuggets with the bouquet on her wedding day.

“Blair’s reaction was priceless! She was grinning from ear to ear and giggling. Blair, of course, ate the dino-nuggets from the toast immediately,” Jenna told Business Insider.

The nugget company had also sent a congratulatory note for Blair with the bouquet which read:

“Always begin and end each day with kisses and nugs. Remind each other how dino-mite you are together. Double-dipping will only bring you closer. Never go to bed angry (unless he ate the last nugget).”

Blair, who met her husband four years ago at the University of Toledo, said that she was shocked to see the nuggets bouquet given by Jenna.

“I was completely shocked. Who would have thought a girl loving chicken nuggets so much and having them at her wedding would go this far? Married, loving life and about to smash on nuggets for the next year,” Blair said.

Now I’m hoping my friends are reading this and planning to give me a pizza or an ice-cream bouquet for my wedding!