Manushi Chhillar’s Winning Answer For The Miss World Title Proves Why She Deserved The Crown

Over the past weekend, we have been beaming with pride over the announcement of Miss India, Manushi Chhillar being crowned Miss World. Love and appreciation have been pouring in from every part of the country for the diva but what won our hearts was something different.

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Every beauty pageant has a series of questions for the contestants and the top five finalists answered them in the best way they knew fit. The countries that made it to the top five were— England, France, India, Kenya, and Mexico.

And here are the questions and answers from the top five contestants of Miss World 2017.

Miss England, Stephanie Hill was the first one to be asked a question. She was asked if she could speak in front of all the world’s leaders what would be the topic she wanted to talk about. She talked about a very pressing issue saying,

“I am very fortunate to come from a country where the healthcare and the quality is absolutely incredible. But I understand that is not the case worldwide. The vaccines are available and the medication is available and one day we will be able to have a consistent quality of healthcare worldwide.


She received a lot of praise and appreciation for this answer. Because healthcare all over the world is actually very inconsistent even though cures and medications to many of the diseases have been found.

Miss France, Aurore Kichenin was called onto the center stage next and was asked what according to her was the world’s greatest invention and why. She talked about how she thought transportation was the greatest invention.

She said that transportation is imperative for communication between countries. And how transportation is also essential for travel to various places around the globe.

Next was our very own Manushi Chhillar from India who was asked which profession deserves the highest salary according to her. And what she said will definitely strike a chord with you. She said,

“when you talk about salary I don’t think it’s about cash but I feel that it’s the love and respect you give to someone. And I think my mom has always been the biggest inspiration in my life and all mothers sacrifice so much for their kids.”

Didn’t that just win your heart? *sobs silently in the corner and calls up Maa*

Miss Kenya, Magline Jeruto was asked about cyberbullying and what would be her solution to this problem. She answered saying that stricter laws should be imposed on cyberbullies and the world should be educated about this pertinent problem.

She also gave an example saying that if you post something online which will affect the mental state of another person you should be fined. All social media platforms should be monitored for people who cause psychological torture to others.

Miss Mexico, Andrea Meza was asked the final question which was what according to her is the most important quality a Miss World should possess. Talking about “love” being the most important virtue she said,

“For me, the best quality of a Miss World should be love. The love she has to herself and the love that she expresses to the world and every person she meets. For me being a Miss World can be someone that can easily talk to everyone, that can inspire everyone, that is an example for all the people in this world.”


You can watch the entire video of the finalists’ questions and answers here:

Though all the answers were well thought out I’m sure you’ll agree with us that Chhillar’s answer was the best. She truly deserved the coveted crown and we’re very proud of her!