Chetan Bhagat Asked For Pictures Of His New Book And Twitter Burned Him…Literally

Chetan Bhagat, the celebrity author, is known for his book-turned-movie, Two States. Now if you haven’t read or watched it, it’s okay you’re not missing out. While there are some who might think of him as a literary soul, those some are limited to his immediate family members. While the rest of Twitter is pretty busy trolling him.

Well, this morning Chetan Bhagat asked people on Twitter to send him pictures of his new book, One Indian Girl, with a beautiful backdrop.


And what did he get? That’s right, he got burned.

1. We don’t need bricks, we have his books.


2. Because there is a surge in the population of house wives buying his books.


3. If you run out of toilet paper, you know what to use.


4. And if you live up north, it’s a good companion on those camping trips/treks.


5. I can’t even…


6. It’s the chat-wala’s bread and butter.


7. Does this look like Deonar dumping ground. This must be the reason for all the fires.


8. Maybe it is.


9. Even the raddiwala is upset about his find.


10. Probably what all the guys are going to do on reading it.


11. His problems continue.


12. Because Indian twitter is incomplete without toilet humor.


13. And of course Kejru is involved in this troll session.


14. Because when is he not?


15. I hope for everyone’s sake it doesn’t stink as bad as this picture.

Come on Chetan Bhagat, you walked right into that one. 

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