Chetan Bhagat Asked ‘What Do Historians Do’ And Twitterati Responded With Some Epic Burns

Chetan Bhagat trends on Twitter for nonsensical reasons. He manages to find a space in the newspapers or forums through his ‘enlightening’ questions almost every time. As a result of this, he gets caught in the web of controversies and then he innocuously tweets that he was ‘joking’. Earlier he took a dig at authors returning their Sahitya Academy Award which received a lot of flak.

And now, he has managed to turn heads by tweeting another question.
This is what he tweeted:

After seeing this, Twitterati went on a field trip to troll him (And how!)

1. Seriously!


2. …and the rant continued


3. This one tried suggesting him an escape route


4. Okay?


5. True that


6. Any answer to this?


7. Answering along same lines…epically


8. This one was a humdinger, by all means


9. Aye?


10. Useful suggestion this was


11. Hey! As an engineer, I take offence


12. Yeah?


13. The whole course explained through one tweet


14. This one took a massive dig at IITians


15. Meh


After witnessing the infuriation at such a large scale, Chetan Bhagat tweeted this:

Well! Either your jokes are too insensitive or too intelligent for us to understand, Sir!

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