Chetan Bhagat Tried Talking About Demonetisation On Twitter, Ended Up Being Trolled AGAIN!

When he called Twitter a graveyard of bullies. He got trolled. When he asked them for his book’s cover options. He got trolled. No matter what Chetan Bhagat does or says, Twitterati never misses an opportunity to take potshots at him.

The ‘Half-Girlfriend’ writer-producer expressed his views on demonetisation on Twitter, earlier today. Minutes later, there was a surge in comments and like a routine, people started trolling him.

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Here’s what he said:













7. To a query, he added.


8. Then continued his rant.









And that was cue for Tweeple to start trolling him. Here’s what they said.


1. Richa Chadha just couldn’t give up on the opportunity.


2. When chicken biryani got back at Mr. Bhagat.


3. Gyaani Chetan.


4. When someone asked about his execution style.


5. When he got advised.


6. That query.


7. When someone accused Mr. Bhagat of kala dhan.


8. Point continued…


9. This genuine query.


10. When someone made it personal.


11.  And, this is her advice.


12. Someone took cue from Ishqiya while replying to Chetan.


13. Not mincing words, is she?


14. This reply.


15. The ultimate query.


16. Now, that’s called subtle sarcasm.

Now, that escalated quickly!

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